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Day 171 (Follow Up to Day 170)


I was re-reading last night’s blog after a good friend noted my serious tone. I think I was slightly delirious from dealing with the monster 2-year old and frustrated I couldn’t finish some work I had started because of a computer problem. In any case, I think what I meant to say in a way far less negative than it may have sounded is simply to embrace life and not let the little things get you down. I think all of us, cancer or no cancer, let ourselves get wrapped up in taking on too much stress and negative energy from people or circumstances that surround us. We waste a lot of time worrying about things that have happened in the past or what might happen in the future or stressing about things not happening right now exactly the way we want them to. But if we clear all of that clutter from our heads and focus on all of the amazing things we already have, suddenly we find ourselves living in a beautiful moment.

So go out and spend too much on the kids for Christmas because seeing the joy on their faces that morning will be absolutely priceless, BUT be sure to teach them the importance of gratitude and giving back to others. Go splurge on that pair of shoes you’ve been thinking about because everyday that you wear them you will be happy you did and walk with an extra spring in your step. Tell your friends how awesome they are because they will love to hear it and you will be glad to have let someone else know how important they really are to you. We never regret doing or saying the things we really want to do, we only regret the things we didn’t do. I truly love and appreciate all of you who have trudged along with me on this journey and just want for all of us to embrace the lives we have and live them to the fullest. Hopefully that means a lot more girls’ nights out and a lot more crazy adventures!

PS: I just came across this great book I will be getting the kids for the upcoming holidays. It is called “An Awesome Book of Thanks” and you can get it on Amazon or preview the entire book on the author’s website: It is a really great way to teach them the importance of being thankful for all of the things in our lives. We’ve also been reading The Berenstein Bears Get the Gimmies which has been helpful and humorous in helping to tone down my 5-year old’s unending desire for Christmas presents.

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“Day 171 (Follow Up to Day 170)”

  1. Avatar November 18th, 2010 at 5:33 pm Chip Says:

    Hi Jess -

    I had to laugh a little at you having your hands full with Kieran. I am glad there is finally a male who can humble you. :)

    Hate to tell you, but three is worse than two with a high energy kid. And 16 is 10 times worse than two and three put together. I’m not telling you this to make you worry about the future. It’s to help you put it into perspective. Little kids, little problems….though it may not seem that way when your headache is pounding at 9 pm because the little darling wants to do gymnastics instead of going to bed. At least he doesn’t have his drivers license yet.

    I hope the holidays get you back into the zone of rejoicing in life, every single day. You’ve gone through a hell of a lot to get back on your feet. Don’t sweat the little stuff. Every day without a PICC line in you is a great day.


  2. Avatar November 18th, 2010 at 10:10 pm Heather Says:

    Here, here, Chip. You always say it just right. No PICC line is a good day. Love to you, Jess. Glad I’m keeping you in line, girl! (Grin)

  3. Avatar November 21st, 2010 at 9:24 am Holly Says:

    Wow, Chip is very wise. Keeping things in perspective, staying positive and not getting wrapped up in everyday stress is a difficult task, but you are better at it than most anyone I know! Your blog continues to be an inspirational reminder.

  4. Avatar November 22nd, 2010 at 8:15 pm Gina Says:

    Love that book idea, Jess. Thanks!